The charm of handmade tiles

The charm of handmade tiles

Manual CERAMIC TILE BASICALLY FOCUSES on is "MANUAL" 2 words, the production technology of the whole product is to rely on manual. In all processes, the traditional manual operation occupies a considerable proportion (only ≥50% of the processes are manually completed products can be called handmade tiles).

Moreover, the handmade ceramic tile uses the traditional Chinese kiln porcelain craft, which has a long heritage. Even if the product is not as perfect as the industrial production, it is the unique beauty of the handmade products that makes it unique.

The characteristics of handmade ceramic tiles .The characteristics of handmade ceramic tiles and other ceramic tiles will be similar, such as dirt resistance, good hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and stability, and the characteristics unique to other ceramic tiles are as follows:

A.:Obvious defects in the production process

Manual brick in the firing process, due to human intervention factors, lead to products in the process of production of construction, not like by the precise control of the machine, some subtle but obvious flaws, such as leakage glaze lines, and each piece of different defects of manual ceramic tile, stitching together can form a kind of peculiar "defects of beauty".

B:Individual products are unique

Handmade ceramic tile is in the process of production, to experience the "natural variable" (in kiln temperature change after a complicated physical and chemical change), the change of artificial control, even the color of product is only in god's hands, so every piece of manual ceramic tile is unique in the world, like the world without 2 snowflake is one of the same reason.

C: the shape is diverse, the difference is obvious

Each piece of handmade ceramic tile after completion, the shape is very different, the thickness is not the same, there are rough rough edge, this is also handmade out of the obvious trace, is not a quality problem.

D:Strong texture sense

The products are mainly coarse pottery, generally using large cylinder of mud containing clinker to do billet, after burning the surface is rough and has an obvious sense of grain.

E: It has great artistic value

In addition, during the production process, the product may leave the hand-print of the artisan, which contains the unique human factors and production emotion. So it can be said that every handmade ceramic tile is very artistic appreciation and collection value.

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