What's the difference between handmade tile and traditional tile?

What's the difference between handmade tile and traditional tile?

Handmade tile and traditional tile are two different types of tile products. Although they are all made of ceramic, there are great differences in quality, appearance and manufacturing methods.

1.Different production methods

Traditional tiles are usually made by machine, which means that every tile is the same size and shape. While handmade tiles are made by hand, each tile is unique and therefore has a higher artistic value and decorative.

2. the production process is different

Handmade tiles are made of different materials than traditional tiles. Traditional ceramic tiles usually use modern industrial raw materials, such as quartz sand, white mud, feldspar and so on. And handmade tiles use more pure raw materials, including kaolin, quartz and other natural minerals, making handmade tiles more environmentally friendly and healthy.

Handmade ceramic tiles go through multiple processes from design to production, creating unique textures and patterns, different colors and textures, as well as different stories for each tile. Because they are made by hand, they can create very delicate patterns and designs, making people feel their distinctive personality traits.

3.Different product quality

In terms of appearance, there are significant differences between handmade ceramic tiles and traditional ceramic tiles. Traditional ceramic tiles typically use common colors and patterns, such as white, beige, and gray. Handmade ceramic tiles, on the other hand, have a more diverse range of colors and patterns.

Since handmade ceramic tiles require multiple complex processes, their density and quality are relatively higher, and their surface is smoother and more delicate, making them less susceptible to wear and breakage. At the same time, handmade ceramic tiles are also more widely used and can be used for wall decoration, floor laying, bar counters, lobbies, and other occasions.

In summary, although both handmade ceramic tiles and traditional ceramic tiles are ceramic tile products, there are significant differences in production methods, raw materials, appearance, and quality. Especially for handmade ceramic tiles, their unique artistic value and personality traits are increasingly popular and have become an important decorative material in modern building decoration.

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